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Leni, in two years let's move to a beach. Okay? It doesn't matter where. I'll work in a coffee shop surf shop grocery store apple orchard pancake house boat dock farmer's market don't even care. I want to be able to walk outside barefoot all year round, sit on rocks and watch the ocean, ride my bike down a flat street to work, drink coffee on a tiny porch and finish every run with a swim.
I'm a little restless and I think it's all the time spent inside. I don't even have any freckles this summer because I haven't been outdoors long enough for them to surface.

On Sunday I start my two-week residency (aka writing camp) at Goucher. I haven't written anything besides descriptions of shoes and ugly clothing since last semester's poetry class ended. I feel like I need to do something to loosen up.

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I've spent the last nine months falling completely in love with poetry -- consequently, it's all I've been writing. I haven't taken a fiction class in almost two years, which is insane, and I miss it. There's a bit of a short story taking slow and uncertain form in my head, and I'd like to get it down before the MFA program starts, because that will mean all nonfiction, all the time.

Anyway, this is from the best class I had during my undergrad career -- last semester's Advanced Poetry. It's a sestina, which is like the Rubik's Cube of poetry forms. (Let's see if I still remember how to do a cut, shall we?)

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I'm thisclose to registering for the Philly Marathon -- I'm already signed up for the half, and my ex-professor (which I suppose makes her my friend?) gave me the training program that she uses. She wants me to try to qualify for Boston, which is hysterical, but apparently Philly is almost completely flat. That makes me think it's slightly less impossible while still being totally impossible.

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I am:

a college graduate (holler, English and Creative Writing!)
employed (GSI Interactive -- writing about shoes, toys, and hideous clothing. I kind of love the crap out of it -- my co-workers are amazing.)
moving (with Leni, to Norristown, PA, since I currently drive an hour or more to my job from Allentown)
going to grad school (at Goucher College, for an MFA in Creative Nonfiction. The program is low-res so I can keep my job and possibly not be dead broke when I'm finished)
running (like a motherfucker to train for a 20-mile run and the Philly half-marathon)
single (ehhh, so it goes. Hello, Philadelphia!)
back (...I think. I miss writing. I miss this.)

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Observational poeemmmm. I pretty much feel like I ignore the guidelines for all of our poetry assignments and just write whatever I want, but since I'm not even getting credit for the class, I also don't care ;)

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Autobiographical poem wooo.

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Alsooo I have applied for a summer internship with Runner's World Magazine. That is probably the closest I will ever come to someone paying me to run, and also the closest thing to the most perfect job for me in the history of ever. If I don't get it, I'll probably just go ahead and work at Rita's for the rest of my life, because..really.

..you tell me with your hips and your lips are moving slowly now

..hmmm. I'm not sure how I go for over a month without posting..I have no real excuses. Things are all really, really good. Like, chest-swelling good. Last semester went off perfectly (4.0 betches.), and this semester seems to be starting off in the same right direction -- I've got 21 credits, plus I'm auditing a poetry class, but I'm excited about all of them (except Micro Economics, because..right). Anyway, even though the poetry class doesn't count for anything, I feel like I'll probably put more effort into that class than I will into any other (except advanced nonfic, perhaps). Which is totally fine with me. I'll probably end up posting most of my writing for those two classes in here, so I should be around more often. Hope everyone is doing well..I've been keeping up with you guys, but I'll do better. I promise.

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p.s.: If anyone feels like listening to a really fun, mellow band, check out Springline Drive on myspace.com. They're my friends and they're super.
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So, NaNo didn't exactly work out -- I feel like as soon as I decided to do it, I got swamped with schoolwork/life in general...but really what happened is I just suck a lot. I do want to thank eolivet, chili_powda and justspies for reading and for being so ridiculously sweet and supportive of my attempts to novel ;) You guys are awesome. eolivet, I have finals and a million projects due this week and next week, but as soon as I get any semblance of free time, I am locking myself away with your work -- I absolutely cannot wait to read what you've written, dude. I'm sure it's amazing.

Umm, this is my (pretty much) finished screenplay for the screenwriting class that took over my life this semester. If anyone's bored and wants to read it and, you know, come up with a title for me, I'd pretty much love you forever even though I clearly will already.

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