..she fell in love with the drummer (xrebelheartx) wrote,
..she fell in love with the drummer

Leni, in two years let's move to a beach. Okay? It doesn't matter where. I'll work in a coffee shop surf shop grocery store apple orchard pancake house boat dock farmer's market don't even care. I want to be able to walk outside barefoot all year round, sit on rocks and watch the ocean, ride my bike down a flat street to work, drink coffee on a tiny porch and finish every run with a swim.
I'm a little restless and I think it's all the time spent inside. I don't even have any freckles this summer because I haven't been outdoors long enough for them to surface.

On Sunday I start my two-week residency (aka writing camp) at Goucher. I haven't written anything besides descriptions of shoes and ugly clothing since last semester's poetry class ended. I feel like I need to do something to loosen up.
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