..she fell in love with the drummer (xrebelheartx) wrote,
..she fell in love with the drummer

I am:

a college graduate (holler, English and Creative Writing!)
employed (GSI Interactive -- writing about shoes, toys, and hideous clothing. I kind of love the crap out of it -- my co-workers are amazing.)
moving (with Leni, to Norristown, PA, since I currently drive an hour or more to my job from Allentown)
going to grad school (at Goucher College, for an MFA in Creative Nonfiction. The program is low-res so I can keep my job and possibly not be dead broke when I'm finished)
running (like a motherfucker to train for a 20-mile run and the Philly half-marathon)
single (ehhh, so it goes. Hello, Philadelphia!)
back (...I think. I miss writing. I miss this.)
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