..she fell in love with the drummer (xrebelheartx) wrote,
..she fell in love with the drummer

Observational poeemmmm. I pretty much feel like I ignore the guidelines for all of our poetry assignments and just write whatever I want, but since I'm not even getting credit for the class, I also don't care ;)

The plastic wine glass
suspended loosely by the
stem between her curved
fingers (capped with nails filed
to right angles
and splashed with the smoky
charcoal of Revlon’s Talk Dirty) enfolds
her in the drowsy arc of
its dizzying orbit.

She twists with
the fluid grace of a woman
glossed in satin and flimsy
sheer – but her sweatpants are
smudged with stale make-up, and her discarded t-shirt
slumps inside out against the

She’s tilting – cheapviolet
and the sepia-toned tangles
of her hair sweep past the hot flush
swelling up her bare arm.

A hazy smile
her face.

Fuck equilibrium, and
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