..she fell in love with the drummer (xrebelheartx) wrote,
..she fell in love with the drummer

Autobiographical poem wooo.

The first time I stayed up all night,
I was too giddy with
exhaustion to stop you
from prying open my mouth and
feeding me crumbling blue pancakes against
the dull backdrop of a
yellow-gray dawn slouching through
the crooked
blinds, and the credits to “The Bad Seed”
reeling across Sarah’s
big screen.

(It was the summer before sixth
grade: the year you
brought wine
coolers to school in a
white thermos and the
year you left for

We crawled out on the roof at
that sleepover – splintering
with the contagious charge
of your intoxicating fearlessness – because the
bathroom window lifted high
enough, because the shingled
surface extended level, flat as an
of sloping downward,
because we were ten
and eleven and the slow
hours till morning exaggerated
in front of us
like the rest of
our lives.

We measured our time and our
in increments of
you, and
you rushed like
hot copper
through all
our fractures, our
fault lines, our awkward,
self-loathing, sealing
us with the
fevered thrill of
your unapologetic
irreverence and with the
way you
always waited for us
to finish stumbling over
our own graceless
uncertainties, and


Alsooo I have applied for a summer internship with Runner's World Magazine. That is probably the closest I will ever come to someone paying me to run, and also the closest thing to the most perfect job for me in the history of ever. If I don't get it, I'll probably just go ahead and work at Rita's for the rest of my life, because..really.
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