..she fell in love with the drummer (xrebelheartx) wrote,
..she fell in love with the drummer

i hope it's good so she doesn't have to fake it

So..NaNo? What?

I'm really thinking about trying it again this year...and getting pretty excited about the idea, too, actually. I was worried about juggling work/friends/running/writing 50,000 words in a month, but at least by November, cross-country will be almost over, and even though I'll start half-marathon training as soon as it's finished, running on my own will definitely take up less time.

I'm totally just trying to convince myself this is an acceptable thing for me to do -- I was also worried about writing a screenplay for class at the same time, but I think what I may do is kind of write the novel version of the screenplay I'm working on, since that idea came from the very beginning of a novelish idea I had over the summer anyway. I feel like doing that could either be really awesome for both pieces of work, or really awful.

Aaaaanyway. As of now, yes. I'm going to sign up. And if I sign up, I'm going to fucking finish this shit, because nothing feels worse than getting any number of words into NaNo and then stopping. I'd like to be completely consumed with something I'm creating again, I think. (not to mention -- we can be completely consumed together and i think i'll love spending a month that way.)

Project Runway finale tonight :D. I don't know what's going to happen to my Wednesday nights from now on, though.
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