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it went down at the gay parade

I feel like everytime I make a journal entry lately, it's because I've just seen Guster.
And it was fucking crazy awesome. I went with Stash and Danielle and I made them get there as early as we could (which was only like, 2 p.m. anyway.) We were still first, which is really all that matters.
Donovan Frankenreiter (I’m sure I probably butchered that) was the first opener, and I'd heard that he's kind of a Jack Johnson protege, but seriously, he sounded EXACTLY like Jack. It was ridiculous and I liked him a lot.
Ray LaMontagne played next, and I usually love really mellow acoustic rock, especially when it involves the harmonica, but for some reason, I wasn't feeling him at all. His bass player was this woman who came out in like, a full business suit, though, and made these really amazing facial expressions throughout the whole set, so that was entertaining, at least.
I wish I had enough money to gather everyone I care about together in one place and put Guster on stage for them, because I feel like no matter how hard I try to explain what it is to see them play live, I'll never be able to.
They opened with Demons, and played Careful, Great Escape, Amsterdam, The Captain, Satellite, One Man Wrecking Machine, Manifest Destiny, Airport Song, Come Downstairs and Say Hello, Keep it Together, Ruby Falls, Barrel of a Gun, Fa Fa, Diane, Hang On, I Spy, The New Underground, and like a million other songs I can't even remember. They played for so long, like, I kept expecting them to stop, but they just kept changing guitars and rocking the fuck out of Penn's Landing.
Because they do kind of "rock" now. I mean, they always did, but they're not quite as mellow about it anymore and I think I really like it. They're still totally wussy rock and they can still slow down like no one I've ever seen (Ruby Falls, Come Downstairs and Say Hello, and I Spy were amazing. I think I almost cried), but there's a more intense feel to them now.
Anyway. They were as funny, genuine, and ridiculously awesome as they always are. I'm going to watch Guster on Ice repeatedly till I can see them again.

I do think Matt Nathanson saved my life last night, though, and probably Stash's and Danielle's, too. We didn't even get started driving home from the show till like 12:45ish, and I felt like there was this giant, widening gap between my brain and my eyes. It was such an odd feeling, but Danielle put Matt Nathanson on, which pretty much made everything okay.

and maybe hangs suspended between too weak and too much, because when she smiles, yes, certainty beats red and thick as blood through you and you want to bow your head to its strength, but you’re tangled completely in the curves of her eyelids and the honest shape of her mouth.

You’re always drowning or floating. She’s the water hitting the sand when the sky has gone blue in its heavy, insistent darkness, and the stars, yellow and shaking, push off the glassy surface.
You want (you will) to (ohjustonetime) slide under and stay.

So maybe, you think.

Because it’s all, and it’s all you need.
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